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программа выставок
14-17 апреля, ЦВК «Экспоцентр», Москва
Строительство и архитектура
26-28 мая, МВЦ «Крокус-Экспо», Москва
Управление отходами, БИО энергетика
1-4 ИЮНЯ, Лас-Вегас, США
Ведущая выставка по отходам в Америке
6-8 АВГУСТА, Пекин, Китай
Выставка оборудования по переработке отходов
3-6 ОКТЯБРЯ, Дубаи, ОАЭ
Выставка водоснабжение/очистка стоков

              ВСЕ ВЫСТАВКИ
129515, Москва
ул. Академика Королева 13/1, офис 624

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Mr. Soren Hjorth,
General Manager of ERBA-Denmark


As a high ranking businessman you are very focused on your business. This leaves you in situations where your surroundings may find you illiterate in other subjects of conversation, and it leaves yourself with a feeling of limitation and narrow-mindedness.

ERBA-Club is an offer to you, where you may increase your horizon in a quick and effective way: ERBA Club offers brief information about the trends in your time. Culture, music, sports, politics and other areas, where you often involve yourself in conversations with friends and associates.

ERBA Club will offer you special arrangements in terms of conferences in your area of business, business trips to selected events in Russia or in the West, and ERBA Club can assist you in participation in the important exhibitions where you and your company may present itself to potential clients or partners.

ERBA Club can also assist you and your partners in arranging a combination of leisure and business in areas of pleasure, and we will on a regular basis inform you about attractive places in EU-Countries and Russia, where specific experiences are waiting.

ERBA Club is your eye to the World.

Russian Companies:

ERBA and Western business are synonyms. Russian companies are moving towards a more global attitude and are seeking expansion in new markets. Still there are obstacles to overcome: Language, culture, different ways of presenting proposals, etc. ERBA is capable of assisting in overcoming these obstacles and create lasting relations between partners in business.

European Companies:

Russia is a gigantic and attractive market. The development in Russia is so rapid that only the most innovative companies have a chance in the market – unless they have created lasting partnerships with relevant colleagues. ERBA is ready to assist you in finding the partners and our experience shows that as soon as you are connected with your Russian partner your business has very good possibilities of success.

Европейско-Российская Бизнес Ассоциация 2018
Россия, 129515, Москва, ул. Академика Королева 13/1.